6 WKS, 6 SHOTS cancer gone


I’m thankful to be the recipient of a miracle. 6 wks, 6 shots cancer gone really happened to me. I’m dedicated to cancer vaccine advocacy. It is the way of the future for cancer.

Check out this You Tube, Dr. Brian Czerniecki tells how it works.    The clinical trial results have been astonishing and our hope is  FDA  approval of the vaccine for EVERYONE. Dr. Czerniecki  will soon start his trials on invasive cancers.

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All $ goes directly to this research and trial. The more we raise, the faster we can get this disease tamed.

Welcome!. I live in Palm City, FL with my husband Hal, daughter Kim,  6 cats,Minnie,Spooks Vinny,Sandy,Fluff and Mouky and 2 dachshunds, Stacie and Beetle. Every one of them is my FAVORITE!

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I volunteer for Pennies in Action 501(c)(3), all  of us donate our time.

Someone played it forward for me to to get this wonderful vaccine in a clinical trial. I want to do this for others. Pennies in Action makes up the $14,000 difference between what the NIH provides and the $83,000 cost. The current trial is for DCIS/Her2/neu with some invasive component. Triple negative and estrogen receptor positive patients will be able to participate as soon as funding is secured. Please help by donating, fundraising and spreading the word.

Thanks to James Rado for this beautiful song, “We are the Clouds” from Rainbow.

Front Page National News!  Philadelphia Inquirer 11/25/10

Penn Scientist’s Vaccine shows promise against early form of breast cancer

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Hear the doctors discuss the vaccine!

Me, Dr. Gary Koski, Dr. Brian Czerniecki

Uschi Keszler/Pennies in Action Founder

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